Bigsby Drumlin

This preserve was donated to CNYLT in 1982 by Mary Ormsby Bigsby in memory of her son, Gerald William Bigsby. The preserve's main feature is the drumlin that dominates the property and provides a panoramic view of Syracuse. The property hosts a variety of animals and plants including hundreds of conifers planted by the Bigsby family. Trails are well maintained. Access is via the parking lot of the Taunton Memorial United Presbyterian Church at 4326 Fay Road.

Heron Marsh

This preserve was acquired through a number of purchases and donations from 1975 through 1987. This preserve contains one of the main drainage channels that flows into New York State's Stanley J. Hamlin Marsh Wildlife Management Area and hosts a wide variety of waterfowl during the fall migration.

Indian Hill

This preserve contains a small stream, an overgrown Hawthorn orchard, almost impenetrable shrub areas and woodlands. A former Native American settlement was located in the area. It provides nesting habitat for many birds, including Wild Turkeys and Red-tailed Hawks and winter habitat for a flock of hardy American Robins.