Project Description

Size: 92 acres
Location: Town of Spafford
Classification: Emerald
Trails: Yes

This preserve located along Richard Road uphill from and adjacent to Lourdes Camp of the Roman Catholic Church. High Hickory was donated to CNYLT in 1989 by three doctors: Margaret L. Wilson, Mary Ellen Trimble and Barbara R. Rennick and is near¬†Skaneateles Lake. The property contains four streams and a man-made ¬Ĺ acre pond; one of those streams has formed a picturesque series of small falls, chutes and rapids. The property contains 41 acres of mixed forest and 46 acres of open fields. Many species of birds are present due to the diversity of habitat.

To get there take either Rose Hill Road from Route 20 or Route 41 to Borodino. Turn onto Nunnery Road and then a right to Richard Road. High Hickory is approximately a half mile on the left. There is a small gravel parking lot.