Project Description

Size: 103 acres
Location: Town of Cicero
Classification: Pearl
Trails: No

Lake Forest Preserve is off of Muskrat Bay Road and is one of CNYLT’s least accessible properties, but no less important as a preserved natural area. Its 103 acres provide habitat for a variety of animals, birds and migrant waterfowl in a heavily wooded marshy area within the flood plain of Oneida Lake. The first 57 acres were donated in 1985 by a neighborhood association formed by landowners whose properties all backed up to an unusable area of wetland swamp. They enjoyed the natural area and wanted to keep it that way. In the year 2000 the Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust gave their 46 acres to CNYLT. The wetland is marked by a sign on Muskrat Bay Road where a small strip of land provides access. However, the area is not suitable for ordinary hiking although the local steward does traverse it during the winter when the ground is frozen. The entrance to the property is on Muskrat Bay Road opposite Oneida Lake about 1000 feet north of the intersection of Muskrat Bay Road and Beach Road. It is only five feet wide; look for the sign shown here.