Project Description

Size: 66 acres
Location: Town of Cicero
Classification: Pearl
Trails: Yes

This preserve lays just a stone’s throw from Oneida Lake, south of Lakeshore Rd. and east of Cicero Center Rd. and offer excellent public access. The property abuts the parking lot for the Joseph F. William Memorial Park on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. and has a trail into the property from the back of the lot. There is currently a  ½ mile of trail crossing the property.

The preserve is level and covered almost entirely in mature mixed hardwood second growth woodland. The woodland falls into two major types. The first is mostly found in the northern portion and is dominated by green ash, red maple, cottonwood, and elm some of which are surprisingly large, with a thick undergrowth of sensitive fern. As these species indicate, DEC maps show the property contains over 15 acres of scattered wetland. The second habitat type consisted of sugar maple, beech, basswood and hemlock which are species more indicative of an upland location. New York, Christmas, and evergreen wood ferns can be found throughout this second habitat type. Please note, at this time the preserve and trails are unmarked.