Project Description

Size: 86 acres
Location: Town of LaFayette
Classification: Emerald
Trails: Yes
This preserve was a donated by George and Mary ‘Bobbie’ Earle in 2004. The preserve is located on the west side of what was historically known as Mason Hill; hence the name of the preserve. In fact, Eager Road was formerly known as Mason Hill Road. The Mason Hill property starts at a steep walled stream ravine at the western edge and mounts up slope to a rocky ridge on the eastern edge. The majority of the gradual slope is filled with open fields, second or third growth forest and old maple trees along the hedge rows and fence lines. There are at least two created ponds and a number of old roads crisscrossing the property. It contains great songbird and raptor habitat especially towards the upper eastern ridgeline.

At this time, visitors will have to navigate a steep ravine, without a trail, to access the preserve. There is no easy access.


At this gate, an easement allows access to Mason Hill Preserve